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{{opts.lists.length == 0 ? 'Select a book' : 'Selecting additional books will make an overlapping list'}}


Determines order of list
Set Primary
Remove Book

Generate List{{opts.lists.length > 1 ? ` using ${opts.lists.length} books` : ''}}

{{`${ui.activeIndex} / ${words.length}`}}
{{`freq ${active.freq}`}}


{{active.match === 'exact' ? entries.reading : entries.entry}}
speech {{pos}} {{pos}}
{{defs}} {{`+ ${ active.entries[ui.activeEntry].definition.length -5} more`}} {{`+ ${active.entries[ui.activeEntry].definition.filter( function(i){return active.entries[ui.activeEntry-1].definition.includes(i)} ).length} same as prev`}} {{defs}}
{{`read: ${active.entries[ui.activeEntry].reading !== '' ? active.entries[ui.activeEntry].reading : active.entries[ui.activeEntry].entry}`}} Mark word as unknown by pressing '1' Or mark as known with '2' Don't think too hard about it Subentries are organized by frequency When in doubt, add only the first one or two Definitions are disabled by default to save brain power If not having them fills you with dread, hover over the blue tip box When you've added some words, click the 'manage' button in the navigation


Generating a list

  • Select an item from the dropdown menu to pick the main book
  • Additional selection will add additional books
  • The main book will determine word order
  • Change minimum frequency or Wanikani level to filter items out of the main list

Additional Books

  • Additional are only for checking what words will be useful in the future
  • Therefore frequency does not apply to additionally added books
  • Words that do not appear in either the additionally selected book will be removed (therefore the list will be smaller)

Create Flashcards

  • Click the to generate a new flashcard
  • Click the to mark a word as known - it will not appear in new lists
  • If there are multiple possible dictionary entries for the word, toggle which entries to add by clicking the checkmark
  • Checking multiple boxes may generate separate flashcards when the entries are not related. Don't worry about it.

Create Kanji Flashcards

  • Click a word's KANJI to add a kanji

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A/D to move forward/back a word
  • 1 to add, 2 to trash
  • TAB to cycle through subentries, ENTER to toggle